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Bond-Prep is available in a range of formats to suit all application requirements.

The ‘400’ strength is manufactured as a low viscosity solution designed for PCB etching, which will penetrate, wet-out and etch the smallest vias.

The higher viscosity ‘500’ solution is more robust and is Intended for ‘open-air’, piece-part etching.

APC also offer ‘etching kits’ where all the chemistry for the Job is in one box. The kits come with colour coded Post-Etch Rinse solutions to deactivate and pH neutralise parts after immersion in Bond-Prep.

Available in 900ml, 450ml & 225ml kits, these are a popular choice for small-scale, piece-part etching such as small PTFE parts or PTFE insulated wire ends.

APC (Scotland) has the only independent contract etching facility in the UK with a process line specifically designed for PTFE printed circuit boards.

APC (Scotland) Ltd, PO Box 14554, Kinross, KY13 9TA, Scotland, UK

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Phone: +44(0) 1577 864 231

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